Pet Appreciation Week: 3 Ways to Show Your Pet Appreciation


Everyone with a pet knows how big a role they play in our lives, so it makes sense that we show them some appreciation! June 2-8 is Pet Appreciation Week this year, so you have an extra excuse to ramp up the affection. Read below for a few ways that you can show your pet you appreciate them!

Enjoy One-On-One Time

Our pets may not always get our undivided attention – multi-pet households, human family members, work, and hobbies are all things your pet competes with for your attention.  Take some time this week to spend one-on-one time with each of your pets.  You could do anything from playtime to cuddle time depending on what they enjoy.  They love you unconditionally and will appreciate the special attention!

Give Them A Special Treat

Whether you make something pet-friendly or buy something at the store, your pet will love it because it’s coming from their favorite human! Here are some ideas: a bully stick for your dog, cat grass for your cat, or a “pup”-cake made of pumpkin and peanut butter!

Let Them Pick A New Toy

Does your dog or cat love toys? Get them something new and exciting for their collection! Your pet probably has a favorite type of toy so it could be fun to let them pick out their new toy.  If your pet enjoys outings, you can take them to the store to pick one out. Or you can bring home a few different toys and give your pet a choice which one they like best.

Take some time this week to just thank your pet for being who they are and enjoy their company!

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