Training Philosophy

At PHX Animal Behavior Center we are committed to providing the best training you can get in the state of Arizona.

Scientifically optimized!

The academic study of animal behavior, psychology, and applied behavior analysis have influenced training techniques greatly over the last 10 years. Each year, our trainers attend professional conferences and continuing education opportunities to make sure we consistently provide the most accurate, efficient, and humane training for all of our clients.

Force, fear, and pain-free!

With our focus on the science, we have come to understand that fear and pain inhibit learning and slows the training process across species. We’ve also come to understand that fear and pain can increase aggressive behavior and even cause it where it did not exist before. We are committed to force-free, positive reinforcement training because we believe it is critical to do no harm in our attempt to do good. So, there are no choke, prong, or shock collars, corrections or physical manipulation in our training. In your pet’s best interest! Our pets are limited in how they can communicate with us. Often training and behavior concerns are a result of a miscommunication between humans and their pets. At PHX Animal Behavior Center, we focus on creating a common language by introducing training skills in a safe and fun environment that you can take home with you!


The human-animal bond is so important to everyone living happily ever after! While we’re training at the facility we incorporate tricks and games into your training experience to expand the bond you have with your pet. We also host a wide variety of social events like pop-up cat cafes, pet-related workshops, and adoption events for local rescues!