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Pets bring great joy to our lives. But sometimes they also bring frustration or confusion when they start scratching, barking, digging, and eliminating in the house! While these are normal behaviors for your pet to be exhibiting, we understand the desire to resolve these problems and to do so in a force-free, humane way. We specialize in humane, effective and safe pet training for dog and cats of all ages.
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phoenix pet training

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At PHX Animal Behavior Center, we are the experts on both cats and dogs. We look at your pet’s behaviors from all angles to make sure your pet’s needs are being met while also helping your household live in harmony with effective and safe training solutions.

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Training for Puppies

Join puppy class to make sure your pup gets started off right with socialization and training, as well as troubleshooting for common challenges like potty training and settling in at home!

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Training for Dogs

Does your dog pull on leash? Jump on guests when they visit? Or maybe you feel like your dog just doesn’t listen? We are here to help!

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Training for Cats

Is your cat eliminating outside of the litterbox? Do you wish your cat was more comfortable at vet visits? Do you think it would be cool if your cat knew how to hi-five? We offer a wide variety of behavior and training support options for our feline friends.

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Meet the PHX Animal Behavior Center Team

phoenix pet trainers

Owner and Head Trainer Carrie Seay (CBCC-KA, MS-CABAC) has spent the last 10 years devoting her career to helping animals and their owners as well as working with local rescues and nationally-recognized animal welfare programs.


Our dog Stella is fantastic!! We learned (and so did she) some easy ways to get her to do what we wanted her to do! She now walks on her leash (no pulling or tying me up) perfectly! She sits, lays down, comes, and is learning to stay! We are so happy and so is Stella!

phoenix dog training

Cat and Dog Training for the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area

We serve pet parents in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Peoria, Glendale, Tempe, Fountain Hills, and surrounding areas

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